Commercial Services

New Construction, Reroofs & Tear Offs

-Asphalt Shingles, Concealed Fastener Metal Roofing, Wood Shakes, Slate, Synthetic-Slateroof2

Low Slope/pitch Roof

-EPDM (Rubber roofing), TPO, Self-Adhesive Modified, and Elastomeric Coatings

Chimney Repair

Flashing, Chimney Caps, and Masonry Sealing

Metal Fabrication

For large and small custom projects we choose to fabricate our own metal. The primary metal that we work with is copper. We have the ability to fabricate metal roofing panels, chimney caps, wood post covers and various other ornamental pieces. We also use other metals such as aluminum, galvalum, and steel, upon request.


If structural issues are encountered while working on your project we have carpenters who will address the problems which are associated with your roof, fascia, or soffit.


We will address and complete all siding projects that are above the roof line such as dormers or walls. We offer multiple types of siding services such as wood, vinyl and cement siding.


We offer half round and K-style copper gutters and downspout installation.

Copper Roofs

Small copper roofs are fabricated by John Bodner & Son Inc. sheet metal specialists. For larger copper roofs we will order the copper panels to fit your specific needs.


Improper ventilation is an issue that we see quiet often. This issue can lead to additional wear and tear on shingles, as well as causing your roof to buckle between rafters. We insure that proper ventilation is obtained with each project. Electric and solar roof fans are available.

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